Dos and Don’ts of Implementing Employee Recognition programs!

August 29, 2016

Implementing Employee Recognition programs are very vital, but there are few things that you always need to know about effective Implementing Employee Recognition programs. In this context, let’s find out some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing Employee Recognition programs.



Do’s –

  • Make sure that all of your resources are included in this Employee Recognition program. This is very important for overall growth of your organization. You need to know the best of the resources and motivate them, but you also need to know how to deal with others and make them reach that level.

  • Written appreciation and cards are more effective than just words and that is why go for writing notes of saying “Job well done”. Written appreciation and cards stay for a longer time than words. Use inspirational quote while writing these appreciation cards.

Know the time: It is very vital for you to appreciate at the time when the good work is fresh. Do not wait for a longer time to say thank you for their good work. Remember time fades most of the things.



  • Do not discriminate any employee. It is very important that you indulge all your employees. Or else some of them might feel discriminated.

  • Make your appreciation counts: This is very vital. You need to make sure that you mean what you say. Know the names of the employees that are appreciating. This will motivate them further.

  • Don’t involve the authorities or management in rewards: It is very important that you don’t involve your managers and other staff in these recognitions or else the employees might feel biased.













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