Reading what people do and say

June 4, 2016

If you can read what people do and say, you will be in a better position to motivate them.

This is because you will have information about their needs, wants and motives which you can


So, for example, you might observe that one of your team members looks fed up. You can use

this information. Go and talk to them, ask them what you can do to improve things. Then do this.

If you ignore what people do and say, then you are missing out on vital information you can

use to effectively motivate them.


This is not about being sneaky or underhand. It is about responding to the signals we all give

out through our body language, facial expressions, speech and actions.

One of the easiest ways in which to read what people do and say involves reminding yourself to

closely observe and analyse their actions and words.

It really is that simple!

Yet, we frequently forget to do this.

One of the commonest issues here is that we become fixated on our own goals or intentions.

This causes us to forget the importance of noticing the information other people are giving out

(for example, instead of listening actively to what someone is telling us, we wait impatiently for our turn to speak).

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