What If Companies Managed People as Carefully as They Manage Money?

January 8, 2016


Today’s limited resources is one’s human capital, as measured by the time, energy, talent of one’s workforce. Time, whether measured by hours in the days of the carrier, is finite. Nowadays difference making talent is also limited. Employees of a company plays a vital role in development of a company. They do all the work of a company and make its reputation to the next level.But sometime employees were not happy with the company’s management. So the company has to take care of it. Now the question come how can you make happy your employees. So for this company should give the reward to their employees on their performance basis, build up their confidence, motivate them, make friendly atmosphere in the company this also helps in decreasing the stress level from the minds of employees and this will improve the company’s capital.


Now Entrepreneurs think that “what should they do now”, so They should:


1) Give Importance to Relationship​: Warren Buffett was very impressed with the success and honesty of Boomkins and In 1983 according to Berkshire Hathaway portfolio he decided to be a partner of Mrs. B in the company named “Nebraska Furniture Mart​” with 90% of the company’s share with him. The Contract was done only in 2 pages, no books were seen for seen, no audit, no stock list was checked. Mr. Buffett always said that Mrs. B was major of the company and he was his colleague. He always have faith on Mrs. b That’s help the company to develop the business.

2) Make friends​: World’s most successful people evidenced that a person Will get success easily when you dominance the relationship and Customers over money.you should make your friend by your behavior And it depends on how much importance you are giving to that Relationship. At the end of this process, you will definitely make those People your friend you sometime before was unhappy with you.

3) Being A Human Is Amazing: ​Making friend is very necessary for one’s Life because they help in growing their business and help in difficult Situation of life. Many people will hate you by your growing business. When you listen to people patiently and helping them in solving the Small-big problems of their life. When you think above the profit and loss These things you are doing is enough to make some awesome friends. That’s why in today’s period being a human is really an awesome thing.

4) Client is very Important: ​There is a proverb in Wall Street which says “ It is important to make shareholder happy and rest of the thing Should be 2nd​” but Jack Ma changes this definition and says that “Customers first, employees second, shareholders third​”. When Alibaba.com was registered with New York stock exchange. The Company had created a record of being biggest IPO in the history of Stock exchange and earn 25 Billion Dollar.

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