4 Steps to build Positive Employee Experience

November 12, 2015


To win in the marketplace you must first win in the Workplace - Doug Conant


Business whether large or small have always had an interest in ‘experience’. In the past, business assumed that employees need to work. With it came an attitude of ‘build it and they will come’. Nowadays, all the things have been changed competition for skilled employees is at a premium and focusing on employee experience has become more important. In this generation every employee want respect with salary on the workplace. Employee experience begins at the job advert and application, goes through to the interview and on-boarding and help throughout the employee's entire career life cycle. Here are some ways which can help you to build positive employee experience at workplace:

1) Give Challenge:​ If you want to powered in your employee, start giving challenges to them or ask them to solve the problem. When you give big responsibility to your employees, so they start doing work with more dedication.

2) Give gifts:​ To make the employees feel better you can give them prizes or gifts. And instead of giving promotion once in a year, you can give them at different occasion. It helps the to increase positivity in them.

3) Build Confidence in them:​ You should create an environment of transparency on the workplace. Do not hide anything from the team member. You should create confidence in them. Employees are everything for the manager. You should never break their faith rather try to solve their problems. By this employees also Seems to be discharging their responsibilities towards the company. Before taking big decisions, discuss with your employees.

4) Explain their roles:​ Even employee wants to know what he is doing, and what Is his value for the company. Rather it can be engineers or sells professionals, Everyone wants to know his position in value chain. You have to tell the employees that how important they play the role in betterment of the company. This increases confidence in them.

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