5 ways to say thank you at work

October 1, 2015

Organizations are now practising employee recognition programs every now and then as they have realized the importance of employee recognition programs. Without employee recognition programs, the employees cannot be motivated and this c

an lead to low productivity and unfriendly environment. Sometimes Conduct of “THE BOSS” comes out in a very negative manner. There are so many people talking about horrific moments with their bosses.


Things have changed now and managements around the world have realized the importance of employee – Organization relationship. Now organizations treat their employees as customers (Internal Customers) as they know without satisfying the internal customers it is quite impossible to give the best to the external customers. There are several practice employee recognition programs that companies use.


Now below are some of the 5 different ways to say thank you at work –


  1. Spoken words: This is good in many ways. When you say thank you face to face the impact is high and remember there is no specific time to say thank you. Just do it when you feel right.

  2. Money: This is not just an amount to spend but a morale booster. Salary increments, bonuses, cash awards and gift cards are some of the things that come under this one.

  3. Write it off: Writing few lines or a ‘just thank’ you can be very much effective. ‘Job well done’ ( Check we have more then 60 cards www.emparm.com ) is another thing that you can use here.

  4. Treats: Treats are always very effective. Pizzas or lunch with the employees helps a lot. These are very vital moments when you spend quality time with your employees and appreciate them at the same time.

  5. Cross training: When an employee does well, provide him or her cross training so that their career gets shaped. They will like that and will be motivated to do more about the organization. This builds loyalty to the organization.

Employee Recognition Made Easy!


Recognizing Employees Is A Great Way to Boost Moral, Increase Production and Maintain Client Satisfaction



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