EmpARM Great Companies Program

Employees are the biggest asset of an organization and if they are motivated and appreciated for performing their tasks, they become an inseparable part of the workforce.  Employees put in their hard work and efforts in completing their tasks, therefore it becomes essential to know their perception of your company and its work environment. Is the employee satisfied with the work culture? Do they have excessive workload? Are they comfortable with the working hours? One wouldn’t know unless researched effectively.


EMPARM Great Companies Certification program is a way of assessing employee perception and building up their trust in you, thereby contributing more to your company. It provides you with all the necessary tools to motivate and reward employees. With EMPARM (Employee Appreciation, Recognition and Motivation) Program, you will not only be certified as ‘EMPARM Great Companies’ but also have essential data and reports to update your organization’s work culture and take essential steps to improve it.

Benefits of EmpARM Great Companies Certification


Get to know the actual level of employee engagement. Know what challenges they have to face on a day-to-day basis and take necessary steps to overcome them. Evaluation of employees is the foremost steps to improve employee performance and overall work culture.


Compare employee performance against set benchmarks and implement effective action plans to boost their performance.

Better performance

With genuine employee feedback and changes incorporated, your oganization’s productivity will ultimately increase.

Stand out among competitors

By consistently motivating your employees to perform better and enhancing their performance, your company will experience potential growth, helping you emerge better than your competitors.

Increased economy

With highly motivated and productive employees, your company will gain better return on investment both in the short as well as the long run. You will also attract qualified employees.

Complete the Application Process

Fill up the Application Process with basic details such as Company name, number of employees etc. You can find this certificate on our website.

To get Certified

Best Organization Certification Program will help you develop a better workplace culture. In order to get certified, you must,

After filling the application, our managers will guide you to the next stage. Once the procedure is complete, we will understand your organization’s values, core beliefs, objectives and identify the type of assessment that you will need.


This is one of the crucial stages. A survey of your employees will be conducted using Best Organization Survey to measure their perception of the work culture, work environment and overall organization procedure. This would also consist of filling up a document about various programs and initiatives within the organization. This will also determine whether an organization will be eligible for expert rating.


The detailed survey will help us identify and categorize your organization which will ultimately help you improve your workplace environment.


On the basis of our reports, we will provide you with Best Organization Certificate and rank you accordingly.

Best Organization Certificate will not only help you be among the top companies but will also enable you to hire competent employees.