“Treat employees like they make a difference and they will. “

-    James Howard Goodnight

Employee recognition and appreciation is very essential for every business to grow.  Employee recognition is important as it increases the level of productivity at work, reduces the employee turnover, generate higher profits and increases customer satisfaction. A happy employee is a happy customer. Various organisations have taken this practice really seriously and have unique ways to express their gratefulness to their employee.


Here are few best of best practices around the world:

One Last Frog

Nicole Marie Harris

CEO & Co-founder

In every three month we congratulate the employee who did something that completely stood out among the rest by congratulatory drinks and dinner. Over an email we in detail describe the employee’s effort and happy we are to have them and send that out to our entire staff so that they and recognize and other too get motivated. After this the whole team is invited to a nice local restaurant to celebrate the accomplishment with champagne and appetizers.

FM Outsource

Becca LeBlond

HR Supervisor

We here use score cards to evaluate the progress of the employees. Our monthly score cards rewards are on employees and team. This allows the other workers to compare themselves with the top performers and see if they have improved.


Marina Byezhanova

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

In 2014, the company started an annual reward program to show gratitude to employee loyalty. We give each employee a tiered anniversary gift starting with a lunch in the first year then progressing to an all-expenses-paid stay at a hotel of their choice in the third year. In fifth year we gift them a plane ticket to go on a vacation anywhere across the globe.  

Merchant Maverick

Jason Vissers


There is always a manager who made sure that the break room was always stocked with donuts and other snacks. This small gesture makes us feel that they care and depends on us.


The ad agency has a program named 60/60, where the employees every week for two hours can work on any project they feel like and it doesn’t necessarily have to relate to a client. By this to the employees have been able to work on the project they are passionate about and you can see a whole new individual.  


On the birthdays or anniversaries, the hotel employees are allowed have meal in any hotel or to stay to experience hospitality. They provide service entire year, for a day they get to feel what they make other people feel.  “Taking care of the associates is at the heart of Marriott’s core values, which reflects the company’s work-life commitment.

SAP Labs India

Employees are allowed to work from home for four days in a month or one day a week. Run Mummier is a maternity program that focuses on ensuring the return of a female employee after her maternity leave as smooth as possible. The male employees also have flexible work hours after child birth; four hours at office and rest from home. This shows the gender equality at the work place.

Ground Floor Media

The company homepage is the first thing that any individual looks at. Why not dedicate a portion of it for the employees? The company has a section on the homepage dedicated employees’ stories. Not only it includes business biographies but also the real life stories of the employees. This helps in recognizing the passion and hard work of the employees not just by company but all the people who visit the website.

Google, India

On every Friday google hosts “Thank God It’s Friday “in the evening where everyone huddle and work together. This gives employees collaborate and know employees individually. They also encourage their employees to pursuit their passion apart from the office job.


Shikha Verma

Total Rewards Leader, Intuit APAC

Parents at Intuit can enjoy benefits such as maternity & paternity leave and once they are back to the work they can avail daycare discounts. The expectant mothers have dedicated parking and a vehicle at their disposal to make travel less painful. For employees who wish to adopt, company offers Rs 50,000 and 84 days of adoption leave to allow new parents to bond with the child.

Full Contact

Every year the firm offers their employees $7,500 to go on a vacation. The only rule is that they actually have to go on a trip where they can’t do any work or answer work related call or messages. This eliminates the problem of people thinking they are the only one who can solve problem. After vacation the employee return much more relaxed and find things easy to handle.

Southwest Airlines

The airline allows the employees from various departments to collaborate and design their own new uniform. This brings out the real personality of the employees and reflects company culture.  Recognizing the employees who really go the extra mile is another key factor of Southwest’s recognition practices. Each week, the CEO gives a “shout out,” publicly appreciating employees who have gone above and beyond at work. There’s also a monthly recognition in Southwest’s magazine, featuring an employee who shined that month.

Legal Monkeys

They have an appreciation board made of glass frame where employees can write a note and present the board to someone they want to show appreciation to. The receiver keeps the board on their desk as display until they pass to other employee for recognizing their efforts. Every achievement is posted on Facebook page to make sure the employees are recognized by every person inside and outside the firm.


Andrew Livingston

Chief Executive

Parents at Intuit can enjoy benefits such as maternity & paternity leave and once they are back to the work they can avail daycare discounts. The expectant mothers have dedicated parking and a vehicle at their disposal to make travel less painful. For employees who wish to adopt, company offers Rs 50,000 and 84 days of adoption leave to allow new parents to bond with the child.


The employees at Dreamworks Animation are provided with perks such as free snacks, paid opportunity to decorate workstation and company parties after big projects are completed. A practice they really appreciate is that at such parties and events, they are encouraged to share their personal work and projects with their coworkers. By this they get a chance to work on non-work related projects and gather appreciating eventually boosting up their creativity.


Every employee is given green cardboard leaves on which they scribble messages of appreciation and pin them onto the MAD tree in the cafeteria. The leaves are a way of reaching out to coworkers and teams who have made a change. And at the end of the week, the foliage gets thick.


The company has 105-acre campus with more than 1,500 trees, including an oasis of 75 palm trees and a skyway. The onsite gym offers a class in "Mindfulness for Techies," and there are courses in meditation, tai-chi, and yoga. The company pays for employees to participate in the "Chill Program," a five-week stress-management course. The campus welcomes dogs and provides doggie waste bags and receptacles.

CHG Healthcare Services

Medical staffing firm’s most important value is "Putting People First." Every year the co-workers nominate employee as best employee for putting maximum effort and making difference in lives of others. Four winners and their guests get an all-expense-paid trip.


The management regularly host "Night Owl Breakfasts" where the managers serve meals to the night shift workers and gather feedback and share information.


The company has a unique package of gift with non-monetary rewards given to the employees to motivate them and encourage them to continue the spirit of work. “Feather in my cap” is an on spot recognition for success of a team and its effort, “Dear boss” recognises a good manager with excellent leadership skills. Wipro Hall of Fame recognises employees and teams who stood out.


Conference room and office/ training room are named after an exceptional employee of a particular year. The naming is done in a big ceremony where the employee and his family are invited. All the other co-workers assemble and organise a small farewell of the excellent employee and bid goodbye with kind words.

Modify Watches

Aaron Schwartz

Every startup has its own way of doing things. The companies should look up to the leading companies and learn how they recognize their employees. But at the same time should work with their team to find out the best and the suitable way of recognition. Keep the reward that enthuse your employees so that they work to get them.



‘Employee of the month’ is now a rotten platter. Be more creative. Money is not the only thing that an employee wishes for. They want to be recognized in such a way that moves them and inspire them. Award them for their effort, thank their spouse, give away small gifts to their family, and present them handwritten thank you cards. Astonish them by your unpredictable nature.


Ben Rubenstein

Employee recognition is on nowadays every company’s primary task to do, but it’s often overlooked. Yodle hired professional whose number one task is to identify top performers and arrange prize. It is a mistake of organizational chief to think that money will uphold performers. Acknowledging the teammates by them handing over group prize to support each other. Making rewards that more than just money- trips, trophies, dinner.

College Hunks Hauling Junk

Nick Friedman

Keep recognition of workers regularly. Keep daily, weekly, monthly or yearly targets with rewards for who so ever achieves them. They don’t necessarily have to be monetary. As simple as setting up a wall for ‘employee of the month ‘.


Robert Castaneda

Recognition can be inclined toward the bold and flamboyantworkers. Building up a structure that allows quiet achievers to be recognized is essential. It could be done by peer review/praise and chances for these introverts. put into action these tiny steps for progress like this to happen.

Star Staffing

Nicole Smartt

While organizing an employee recognition program, it’s important to appreciate and consider every employee’s hard work and the final output. It’s important to cover each and every employee of various department of your intuition in the program. Begin with the most significant element of your company and pick up the values that you desire in employees and will award accordingly.


Brent Beshore

Collaborate. Generally the management recognizes an employee but the actual scenario is known by the co-workers. Talk and find out. Let the other workers identity, appreciate and reward them.

Cloud 9 Living

Bobby Augst


Employee recognition method that they have set up is ‘G’ Book.  The ‘G’ Book stands for ‘Good Stuff’ book. In that all employees are encouraged to write for recognizing team members. It can be personal or work related happenings. Every week at company get-together the entries of past week is read aloud. It’s an excellent way to show up employee achievements that usually go unobserved. it also allow employees to recognize each other for actions and not the management always being the only one providing recognition


Laura Hughes 

HR Manager

Try and try until you find out the best and the suitable form of recognition. It’s not necessary that the method used for recognition is always appropriate even if it’s the most advance way.  If we carry only single way of recognition and miss people who do not come under it, eventually we are not recognizing them at all. Boost up your managers to communicate with the workers and ask them how they liked to be recognized.


Marta Olszewska

Having virtual team, every year we get together somewhere in the world to associate, celebrate achieved targets, make new goals and relax and enjoy together and cherish the team. As we hit back the road again members are presented with awards- Hopeful Awards. HOPEFUL is acronym of our company’s principle values which guide us to be who we are, individually as well as a team. 


Emil Shour 

Every Friday the entire team huddles up and goes around seeing who the team wants to ‘crush’. In this we recognize a member from the team and show gratefulness. This not only encourages the members but also bring attention to the hard work done by people.


Sabrina Son

Every year we give away four awards: rookie of the year, going the extra mile, spirit award, and MVP. These awards are chosen by the members not the management. Once a yearrecognition is not enough. So during bi-weekly meeting, the employee, who was selected for their outstanding performance and values, draws a name out of the bowl and that pair go out for lunch together on the company. This creates bonding between the employees and helps them to understand each other.



Every Friday the entire team huddles up and goes around seeing who the team wants to ‘crush’. In this we recognize a member from the team and show gratefulness. This not only encourages the members but also bring attention to the hard work done by people.


The employees are encouraged by the online retailers for their hard work through incentives. Employees give each other $50 for their toil. Another form of recognition is ‘Zollar Program’. In this the employees collect score on the gift card that can be used later to buy various items such as, gym bags, water bottles, desk fans etc.

Motley Fool

The tech company realized that one day a year was not enough to recognize the countless efforts their employees make. That’s why they make ‘Employee Recognition Day’ every single day. They organise exciting events throughout the year and use a peer-to-peer recognition tool. The tool allows employees to give each other shout-outs that can later be converted into prizes.


Every year employees receive a bright green Adidas jacket as a reward of their all-round year service and hard work for their firm. They’re allowed to alter the jacket with a nickname or other cool modifications.

Walt Disney World

Disney has over 180 employee recognition programs. It’s named after a longtime employee, Fred. He is the perfect example of the employee with values like dependability and friendliness. Every year, he makes tiles for winners of the Spirit of Fred Award. And he even makes bronze statuettes of the company’s most iconic character, Mickey Mouse, for the winners of the Lifetime Fred Award. 


Tata is one of the companies that recognize the new and groundbreaking ideas. They see failures as a bold attempt to go out of league. The company’s “Dare to Try” award celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that motivates the employees to take risks. It encourages employees to continue thinking outside of the box.

Red VelvetEvents

Employees use a small plastic doll to recognize employees. During the weekly meeting in the presence of the entire staff, RVE team member gives the doll to one of the employee and the recounts the previous week’s work and efforts of employee holding it. Each person who receives the doll is supposed to give a small present to the other employee who will be receiving it next week.

Influence & Co

This Content marketing agency rewards its employee’s accomplishments with “The Belt.” This wrestling-style championship belt is used to recognize employees who make creative contributions for the advancement of the company. This brings smile on the faces and feeling like champions will motivate them to work consistently.

Federal Brace

Reagan Toal

Marketing Manag


Set up a “Customer Quotes” board, where put up the feedback that customers have provided. It might be something like “Received great help with my installation from Sam. Thanks for the awesome product!” or “Jennifer was awesome with scheduling our shipment and payments. Will definitely recommend your company to my other clients.” With putting up the employees’ name along with it makes them realize how important they are for the firm to grow. After 25 quotes on board, we take them down; read them to other staff and everyone gets lunch on the company.   

Wooden Blinds Direct

Darren Green

Founder and CEO

If an employee goes above and beyond weadd up a little bonus in their pay packet, which we keep secret until the morning of payday. They are also rewarded in the form of shopping vouchers, again, unpredictably. We call them into the office and tell them how much we appreciate the hard work, and then hand them an envelope of vouchers.


Deborah Sweeney


For recognizing our sales team for good numbers, we have set up lottery tickets. Sales team enjoys this friendly competition–it’s astonishing how little incentive can do miracles of motivation.


Employees who emotionally connect to the firm are the best employees. They are promised and dynamic, as they feel validated and valued.  Appreciating them by showing you’re thankful simply by saying “thank you” or “great work” will help them to feel more engaged, and improving employee gratification.

Three Girls Media, Inc

Emily Sidley

Senior Director of Publicity


The entire staff finds virtual party very fascinating and connects with each other to recognize

employee efforts. The management sends coffee gift card to the employee and then we get

connected over video call and chat and relax with other co-workers. Not only coffee but we also

have virtual pizza and craft parties. This has brought us the best and the strongest team ever.


Tom Turner

Co-Founder, CEO & Steward of Purposeag


DSihas established a recognition system for employees called the Applause Board. When an employee sees a co-worker keep high value and completes the task by putting a lot of effort, the employee fills out an applause card and posts it on the board for everyone to see. This Applause Board also nominates an employee with maximum applauds for DSi’s Hall of Fame.

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